.:Kovozavody Prostejov:. More L-4 Pipers on the way #incoming

The Brodie landing system was a method of landing light aeroplane devised by James H Brodie, a Captain of the United States Air Force during World War II. The method of landing involved catching a hook attached to the plane with a sling which itself was attached to a cable. This system proved useful in landing aircraft in normally unsuitable terrain, such as the jungle or in mountains, and also afforded good camouflage.
Folks from AZ/KP don't stop expanding L4 "Cub" kits range.

L4 Cub with Brodie landing system
[img src:

or... with Bazooka launchers

(Major Charles “Bazooka Charlie” Carpenter, US Army, poses with his Piper L-4 Grasshopper, “Rosie the Rocketeer”)

Last but not least [?]
Piper L4 Grass.... yyy - floatplane:

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