.:Kora:. Focke - Wulf Ta-152S #inbox

Thanks to one of our greatest friends & blog supporters today I have a pleasure to present to you brand new spanking inbox, from Kora Models:

Focke - Wulf Ta-152S

Due to short - run and mixed character of this kit - resin part plus plastic of Aoshima, we show you only new parts, the rest are already presented on this blog with inbox of Ta-152C:

S - main body:

 Closer look
 Some mishap here and where:

No Tank without large tail:
Vacuformed canopies. x2 A nice touch from Kora.
 Some work would be necessary, hm?
 And the decals. Some mysteries circulates around Kora decals /ALPS?/
 And... assembly manual:

 and the markings. This is "what if" or Luft'46 subject so... feel free with it:

All photos thx to Marek/Kitir. Big THX.

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