.:HobbyBoss:. WZ-10 Thunderbolt #released

The WZ-10 attack helicopter is developed after 1990,the prototype took the first flight in 2003.It is designed primarily for anti-tank missions but has secondary air-to-air capability as well. It’s the first attack helicopter of Chinese Army.
       The WZ-10 have a standard structure of attack helicopter,the narrow fuselage,tandem cockpit with the WSO in front and the pilot at rear.Diamond-shaped fuselage cross-section can reduce the RCS.All of the important area are protected by armored.         
       The prototype of the WZ-10 was fitted with two Pratt & Whitney PT-6C-67C turboshaft engines and then replaced by two WZ-9 engines.The helicopter may equipment with the FBW system and Helmet,head up display, optoelectronic devices and forward-looking infrared systems, radar and laser warning receivers, infrared jammers and decoy launching system.
New set from HB
 Changhe WZ-10 (Wuzhuang Zhisheng-10) alias The CAIC Z-10 (Chinese: 直-10 for 直升机)


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