.:Eduard:. Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXc - marking options #incoming

Eduard 1/72 "model of the year(-:" [?]
Spitfire Mk. IXc "late".
1/72nd scale Spitfire Mk.IXc. The kit represents aircraft of the later series, so the most produced variant of all, and also the best selling of our 48th scale variants. The smaller version in many ways parallels the successful quarter scale kit, and the adage ‚don‘t fix what ain‘t broke‘ applies. The design of the kit is similar, but a bit simplified. The same can be said for the decal options, that otherwise mimic the earlier kit. The decals are printed by us, and I think we‘ve gotten pretty good at it. The rivet work also hails from the 48th scale kit, and the reduction in rivets corresponds to the drop in scale. I did have my doubts about how this would translate on the finished product, but the end result is very satisfying and the riveting turned out very subtle and effective, and in its way, completes the mode. V. Sulc 16.05.2016

So, we have the markings options for the kit itself, 6 variants of them here:

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