.:FineMolds:. Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 #inbox

Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4

Hartmann's Final Combat

Fine Molds - Nr. FL15 - 1:72

For full resolution photos please click on every image.

The boxArt

  • Instruction manual.
For unknown reason Fine Molds kits are prepared for japan market only, so - hm.


First look @ the main sprue - wings, cockpit parts etc.


  • Body:

  •  Propeller, tailwheel, external tank:

  •  Clear parts:

 The decals:

Full set of stencils:


 And now. The details. Let me show you the finest knick - knack and genius of japanese designers:

  • The Spinner and ETC rack:

  •  Cockpit, firewall and the MK108 part:

  • Guns, lots of... 2 MG131 machine-guns, 
  •  The wing: /with one wheel bulb/
  •  One of external fuel tanks
  •  Bottom parts of the wings - see the fines engraving and *crisp* detail /uhm, 10 years after release some flash here and where...ups/

  •  Again - two set of the rudder and large fairing for the wheel
  •  Here we go - engine cowling - fricking crazy german design scaled down to 1/72 scale

 How to mould external tank with small detail? Look below:
 Some shots for showing you the proper geometry of famous Messer. It's not slim, Mr. Hasegawa, sadly - not.

 Hm, cockpit interior. Very basic..

 And now something different - special boxing, thanks to out friend Marco - resin figurine of... Erich Hartmann (-: - your own "Bubi" - but in 1/72 scale.

 That's all folks... Don't forget to add our site to ur fav'z


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