.:AOSHIMA:. Kawanishi N1K2-J , Shiden KAI [ver. 2] #inbox

Today 1/72news proudly(-; present - new incarnation aka rebox [yes, new parts - yay]
AOSHIMA's N1K2-J , Shiden KAI ver.2
 - [N1K2-J means "early type"]
kit no. 011744

 Aaaand here we go - brand new sprue for not-so-old fine kit:

 New sprue explained /look @ the "unused" parts/:  

and "in action" - so previously released kit gets new look & fell due to new cockpit, engine etc parts.
Frickin'faboulus idea and fine by me! Damn, Aoshima - Ta-152's need this new refubish-things too.

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