.:Special Hobby:. Bolton Paul Balliol #2017

Well, 2007 #incoming tomorrow
so the reissue of the:

Bolton Paul Balliol

The Boulton Paul Balliol and Sea Balliol were monoplane military advanced trainer aircraft built for the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (FAA) by Boulton Paul Aircraft. Developed in the late 1940s the Balliol was designed to replace the North American Harvard trainer and used the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, with the Sea Balliol a naval version for deck landing training

Decals for two options - Red machines of the Sri - Lanka Air Force.
My wish for Special Hobby in the 2017? Reissues of the

💓 Bristol Beaufort 💓

.:Xtradecals:. SturmVogel & HP Victor decals #incoming


Messerschmitt Me 262A1a/U3/A2A/S-92 (12markings)

  • A1a W.Nr170071 White 2 Ekdo 2 Maj Erich Hohagen Lechfeld 1944;
  • W.Nr110956 White 17 Ekdo 2;
  • W.Nr111617 White 9 II.EJG 2 Ofw. Zander;
  • W.Nr170047 White 1 Kommando Novotny, Franz Schal 1944;
  • W.Nr119559 Red 13 III/EJG 2 Oblt Heinz Bar 1945;
  • W.Nr500491 Yellow 7 IV/JG 7 Obfw Heinz Arnold and as captured in US markings;
  • Stab III/JG7 CO Maj Rudolf Sinner Brandenburg-Briest 1945;
  • Yellow 5 KG(J)6;
  • A1a/U3 White 34 III/EJG 2 Lechfeld;
  • Red E 2/KG(J)54 Giebelstadt;
  • White 34 III/EJG 2;
  • A2a White F I/KH(J)51 captured near Munich;

 Handley-Page Victor B.2 (7 markings)

  • XL158 139 Sqn RAF Wittering 1964 Overall white;
  • XL193 543 Sqn RAF Wittering 1965 Green/Grey;
  • XM513 Wittering Wing 1954 Green/Grey;
  • XM715 100 Sqn RAF Wittering 1964 Overall white;
  • XM715 543 Sqn RAF Wyton 1966 Green/Grey;
  • XM714 100 Sqn RAF Wittering 1963 Green/Grey;
  • XM717 543 Sqn RAF Wyton 1986 Green/Grey;

.:Airfix:. Supermarine Spitfire PR. Mk.XIX #reissue

Please - no a 2017 full of reissues.

but the community got again - postwar insted of warmachine /like: Italy end of 1944 /
and again... The Swedish one. Meh.
Do you even belive that Airfix has done sth with the trenches ie. panel lines on this kit?

.:RS Models:. Messerschmitt Me-309 V-4... vs Huma 309 #inbox

The firm w/o internet address[?].
the one piece wings

a typical german short-run kit?

one of many products which are representatives for german short-runs line  (-;?

wheel bays

Don't get me wrong - this is still nice, buildable kit. As natural way - Huma model just show his age.
Kits released now are better -when comparing to these released 10 or even 20 years ago.
Un -f_word-beliveable!

.:Eduard:. Focke Wulf Fw190 A5 #reissue ~february 2017~

surprisingly discontinued, now #incoming for reissue

Instead of A6/A7/A9 or..
 next to... A6/A7/A9 ?
I'm not counting this as the brand spanking new release.

.Xtradecal:. Phantoms & Mustangs decals #incoming

 McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 (10)

  • XT866/W Phantom Post-Operational Conversion Unit RN Leuchars 1970s;
  • XT859 725/VL 700P NAS Intensive Flying Trials Unit RN Yeovilton 1968;
  • 892 Sqn on HMS Ark Royal selection
  • XV567 011/R cross decking with USS Saratoga 1969;
  • XT872 005/R 1973;
  • XT860 014/R 1976;
  • XV590 001/R Colonial Navy cross decking with USS Saratoga 1978 with final cruise nose flash;
  • XT865 004/R 1978;
  • XT872 004/R 1977;
  • XT863 014/R 1977 with FAA Jubilee nose flash;
  • XT864 007/R 1975 with final cruise nose flash; 

.:RS Models:. Messerschmitt Me-309 V1/V2 #inbox close-ups

Sprue no. 1 - for V1 + V2 boxing

fuselage, prop etc

canopy. As you see - CLEAR part!

the tail - two version

close-up -as the kit is a short-run nature, no rivets - but -→ no flops
 For camo schemes click here:

inside the cockpit...