.:Eduard:. HIND / Mi-24 in Czechoslovak and Czech service #reissue

Mi-24 1/72 in Limited edition. Dual Combo. Re-edition. The kit will be released in April under the same cat. no. 2116.
- plastic parts by Zvezda
- 14 camouflage schemes
- decals by Cartograf
- colored PE parts
- painting mask
- resin parts
- book about Mi-24 and Mi-35 service in Czechoslovak/Czech AF (in Czech language, translation available per download)
- Velorex tricycle 1/72 kit

Mi-24 v československých a českých služnách Limited Edition - Dual Combo

.:Lonewulf Models:. R4M ^Orkan^ set for fw190D and Ta-152 #inbox

Yummy.➼ http://lonewulfmodels.co.uk/
Aftermarket sets from the west wall of Iron Curtain are rare as hen teth.
Today 72news.eu have a pleasure to present one of them.
Sexy as alt-Hell, simple and genius.
Many sets of the long-nosed-doras... Wait
 1...2...3... Sets of the long- nose Doras /Academy, Hasegawa,Tamiya & Dragon and Aoshima for the ta-152/... screaming for late, steel-made fuel drop tank.
The aftermarket gods are listening and the weekend stasher^s  modellers (like me!)  now have the chance for some joy of the diversity.
late steel fuel tank. Made in the 72scale by... ok. By LoneWulf Models, then Kora.
Hm. Some type of Bag-Art;]
decals set, SOLD separately

old school colours scheme, done in the beautiful black & white
/~typical short~ -run quality(-;/

printed by JBOT 
in-bag. Two sets - of the Orkans

with / w/out the wooden racks

and the steel tank. #wantItNow

.:Special Hobby:. DH Chipmunk... [?]

Ok, already announced in the 1/48.
72 version is  unconfirmed

 In the meantime Special Hobby would like to ask experts on the differences between versions DHC-1 Chipmunk for Canadian and British Air Force [tail, lower parts of the wings surfaces, engine covers, hull hatchs and?]

.:MikroMir:. Sud-Ouest SO.9050 Trident ...|wait4it|... #renders

 ...that's all folks..
The SNCASO SO.9000 Trident was a French mixed-power interceptor aircraft of the 1950s. Capable of supersonic flight, the project was cancelled in July 1957 after only 12 examples had been built.

.:Modelcollect:. Boeing B-52G... only if you want more #renders

More Modelcollect on this blog
[renders, boxarts, coloring book

.:MikroMir:. Miles M.57 Aerovan #boxart

The Miles M.57 Aerovan was a British twin-engined short-range low-cost transport designed and built by Miles Aircraft. It was used for freight, joy-riding and passenger services. It was also used by many commercial operators and for some military purposes.


First render on this blog:
less than 10 months from the render (early stage) to boxart {late stage} [?]

.:Modelsvit:. Mikoyan E-152M #may2017

Dear friends,
Our 1/72 "Heavy MiGs" series continues with the powerful Ye-152M experimental interceptor. The kit comes with photo-etched plate, adhesive masks, K-80 missiles, 1500 L external fuel tank, few variants of wingtips, open canopy and a pair of canard forewings. The release is scheduled for May 2017.
Дорогие друзья, нашу серию "Тяжелых МиГ-ов" в 1/72 масштабе продолжает мощный экспериментальный истребитель-перехватчик Е-152М!
Набор модели будет состоять из 138 пластиковых деталей, фототравления, масок для покраски, 2-х ракет К-80 и подвесного топливного бака объемом 1500Л! Модель готовится к выходу в мае месяце!
С ув. команда Modelsvit!

.:Modelsvit:. Beriev Be-14 SAR #may2017

Great news for the fans of our 1/72 "Be-12 series".
The rare Be-14 all-weather SAR flying boat comes in May.
The kits includes 252 pcs, photo-etched plate, adhesive masks, 8 rescue containers

.:Hasegawa:. B-24 Liberator Mk.III/V Coastal Command Limited Edition

Closing the gap

It's a long, long way from New York to Liverpool. In WWII, that open expanse of ocean was a death trap. Nazi U-Boats prowled just beneath the surface from coast to coast, sinking vessels by the ton. RAF Coastal Command was given the nearly impossible task of regaining control over the huge "Atlantic Gap". Some of the best aircraft for this mission were the B-24 Liberators. These bombers, with their immense range and payload, enabled Coastal Command to extend protection for convoys far out into the Atlantic. Kit features two sets of decals.

Decal Options:
  • Liberator Mk.V: RAF Coastal Command No.86 Squadron Code: 2-Q (BZ877)
  • Liberator Mk.III: RAF
Release set to May  / 2017
Price? So f scary to ask
72news.eu comment:

.:Eastern Express:. BO-105 CBS-5 [Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105] #rebox