.:Sword:. Kawasaki Ki-102b "Otsu" (Randy) - the FINAL sprue [!]

The time has come.
La grande finale.
Finis coronat opus.

Model cat. no. sw72102 Kawasaki ki-102b-otsu-randy
So long [and thx to the fish]..
 the clear parts are no longer secret(-;
the fine and final parts

.:Special Hobby:. Upcoming news [not_so] tl^dr version

Boxart. For 48 scale, maybe this variant will be released someday in the 72 too. 

ready for preorder
SH72128Buffalo model 339-23 " In RAAF and USAAF colors"
SH72356Boulton Paul Balliol "Civilian and Foreign Users"
SH72122Lloyd C.V serie 82
SH72350SB2C-5 Helldiver "The Final Version"
SH72361Gloster Meteor Mk.4 "World Speed Record"
SH72339DH.100 Vampire Mk.I
SH72327Dornier Do 27 "German, Spanish and Belgian Service
SH72349Dornier Do 27 "Civilian Service"
#aftermarket sets
7371Harrier GR.9A – 1/72 Engine Set / for Airfix kit
7372Harrier GR.9A – 1/72 Control Surfaces / for Airfix kit
7373Harrier GR.9A – 1/72 Cockpit Set / for Airfix

And the resin sets:
This nicely detailed set offers the option to open the upper fuselage inspection hatch and attach a resin engine replica into the fuselage. Besides that, the set brings also the swivelling jet nozzles and fuselage hatches.
The control surface set  includes separate ailerons, flaps, tail fin and a rudder. All the cast parts feature nicely engraved lines and inspection panels.

.:Blackbird Models:. AW Whitley Tiger Engined conv. set #released

New resin conversion that features new engines, cowling, nacelles, propellers as well as new nose, tail, fins and rudders and turrets etc. Also we have included the turret caps too

.:Barracuda Studios:. B-1B Late upgrade sets #ready

B-1B Late Exhaust set

B-1B Intake and Forward Nacelle Upgrade Set:
BR72301 1/72 B-1B Wing Glove Set

BR72296 1?72 B-1B Nose & Tail Correction Set - Late

BR72298 B-1B Late Exhaust/Rear Nacelle Upgrade Set reworks the whole rear of the engine nacelles and trailing edge of the wing root fairing. There are a TON of parts for this set, as each burner can gets 14 separate actuators, and there are four of them! This set will require some real modelling to install, but the improvement will be dramatic!

BR72299 B-1B Main and Nose Wheel Set

.:Eduard:. Focke - Wulf Fw190 A8/R2 ProfiPack -> may 2017

splendid boxart
May the Eduard CEO speak himself about this release:
[...]the Fw 190A-8/R2 Profpack kit, with five marking options that are striking both in terms of

their appearance and their service use. Among the most popular of all aircraft in history is the Sturmbock, also known as, inaccurately, the Rammjäger. The Fw 190A is also one of the most successful of all Eduard kits, so what more could we ask for? The new Sturmbock, on top of everything else, has been endowed with incredible boxart, that looks great on the Slim 7 type box[...]
Yeah. Just another blockbuster from the Eduard.
One wish from the 72news.eu? The art from the box as the EduArt print /A5 format, please!/
Now the kit parts:

.:Special Hobby:. L-13 Blaník [inside the box]

L-13 Blaník

One of our March 2017 releases is also a 1/72 scale model kit of almost immortal Czechoslovak basic training glider, the L-13 Blaník. The moulding tools used to produce the kit comes from already non-existent Profiline company and we are happy to be able to bring the model to modellers in a few coming days as we have just started packing all the kit´s components. The marking options (see here) in the kit are for two Czech schemes, one Australian and one glider that was flown in East Germany. 

.:OWL:. Defiant Decals part 2 to 4 #incoming

  • Defiant Mk I NF, ZJoK, F/O V. Veselý, 96 Sqn.
  • Defiant Mk I NF, PSoJ, P/O M.H. Young 264 Sqn.

Defiant Mk I NF, JToU, Sgt J. Berry, 256 Sqn.

Defiant Mk I NF, RAoF, S/L P. Y. Davoud, 410 (RCAF) Sqn.