.:Amodel:. Tupolev TB-1 & KP-1 #incoming


The Tupolev TB-1 (development name ANT-4) was a Soviet bomber aircraft, an angular monoplane that served as the backbone of the Soviet bomber force for many years, and was the first large all-metal aircraft built in the Soviet Union. /wikipedia says/

ТБ-1 & КП-1 ~TB-1 & KP-1~
Spec. variant with the ~cradle~People intended to be transported in the so-called "cradles" and removable ventral cabins. TB-1 was carrying 16 "cradles", officially known as "automatic ejector of the Red Army." "Cradle" was like a coffin without a lid, in which a skydiver climbed. When navigator of the  bomber pulled the lever, "cradle" overturned, and at the same time all the paratroopers flew down.

.:Eduard:. Consolidated Liberator GR. V -> #march2018

It is beginning to look like that Liberator Mk.V in 1/72nd scale will not be ready in time for E-day. That project is beginning to drag out, there is a whole pile of conversion bits needed for it, thedesign is not yet fnalised and it’s beginning to look more and more like September is too optimistic for a release timetable. It’s looking more like March2018, so how about next year’s Prosek show?
V. Sulc @ Eduard Info 03/2017

.:DnModelS:. Splinter Camouflage Paint Masks for MiG-29SMT (9-19)

New player in the 72scale aircraft aftermarket, rare one in the DNMODELS.COM catalogue
Splinter Camouflage Paint masks set for MiG-29SMT Izdeliye 9-19
Suggested scale: 1/72
Suggested kit: Trumpeter MiG-29SMT 9-19 #01676

The set includes a sheet of masks (shown in the picture)
click for BFR /big & funny resolution/

.:Tanmodel:.First render of the Buccaneer |Community help needed also|

Dear TANMODEL™ followers and our modeller friends;
Since our goal is to make the best Buccaneer model kit harnessed with you rich opinions, we need your help on the dimensions shown in the photos.

We appreciate your attention and support.

Please contact us at the email below:

We are looking forward to reading your emails.

Best regards,
(Mr.) Baris TANSOY
Owner and founder of TANMODEL™ Plastic Model Kits Ltd

.:Trumpeter:. Sukhoi Su-34 |fullback| #sprues

Fab Fab Fab...
 On the way to resellers...

  The kit consists of  over 550 parts , includes 7 clear parts
- fuselage&wing with finely engraved panel lines
- plenty of loads