.:Special Hobby:. Allison engined Warhawks #incoming

 In the year 2017 Revell say to the 72 scale community: "You are empty!" 
[...] and in the age of darkness  Special Hobby came to rescue...
src: lotr.wikia.com
"The eagles Warhawks are coming!"
 Effect #wow
This is the 2017 serie in the 72scale
 Can't wait for the camo schemes... /even with the coca cola or the shark-ones(; /

.:AZUR:. Caproni Ca.310 Libeccio “Italian & Spanish” #removed

Art.No.: 100-A106

Caproni Ca.310 Libeccio “Italian & Spanish” R  

Yep. Time to say goodbye /and wait for reedition/

.:Azur:. Northrop Gamma #teaser and more...

The Gamma Clear Parts!

Tests shots, Delta sprues I (Internal parts), K (Delta clear parts), D (engine) and Gamma clear parts:

Deltas tests shots, Spues A (fuselage) et B (wings) :

.:AirGraphics Models:. Upgrade and conversion sets for 2017/2018

Hot and fresh info directly from sir Gary @ Airgraphic:
All our planned release schedule can be found on Air-Graphic Model Trading Site https://www.facebook.com/AirGraphicsModels

A-109A SAS conversion kit

Dolphin AS-365-N3 Full update set
Stay tuned for more info:)

.:Tanmodel:. Blackburn Buccaneer #incoming and add-on [?]

Dear TANMODEL™ followers and our modeller friends;
We have good news for Gentle Scale Modellers… Our design team has prepared a special gift for 1/72 scale modellers: 1/48 Scale Buccaneer Air Brake Structure Display Stand!
In order to demonstrate the details of the air brake, we have thought that, most of the modellers would prefer a larger scale, more detailed version of the air brake with a display stand, instead of moving the finished model.
This is a gift from TANMODEL to Gentle Scale Modellers and this is only going to be included in our 1/72 scale Buccaneer Kit (#1101). We value and appreciate your feedback. Did you like our new offer?
Another good news: Air brake details of our 1/48 scale kit are going to be as seen in the renders.
Further more, there are other suprizes on the way…
Note: This is not the final design.
TANMODEL™ Plastic Model Kits Ltd.

Hm. 1/48 add-on for the 1/72 scale model.

.:Special Hobby:. Buffalo "In RAAF and USAAF colors" #camo #decals

model 339-23
Today, we would like to make here an announcement of yet another Spring 2017 release. Our 1/72 kit of the famous US Navy fighter known as the Buffalo was available in the past, now we have decided to make rather important upgrades and make a new reboxing of this classic model kit. The new release will be available under catalogue number SH72128 and will depict the Model 339-23 version with Australian and US camouflage options from "down under". This kit´s plastic parts have their origin in Sword model as well as the parts of our earlier releases which have been sold out for some time now (SH72126, SH72131, SH72133).
The new parts which have been prepared for this reboxing are the all-new clear parts as the original ones don´t stand to today´s standards. We also plan to redesign the kit´s resin parts to a higher level.
The decal sheet of this model will offer the modeller a choice of four antipodean Buffaloes, two of them directly in colours of the RAAF, the other two flying with the USAAF in Australia. Which means that the options are exactly the same as with our 1/48 SH48057 kit.

 via Special Hobby of course

.:Eduard:. Focke - Wulf Fw-190F [weekend] #released

Second scheme revealed.
colorful camo sells of course,
/even if in the previously released profipack included is/
But hm... A lot of plastic (the weapon sprue!)
and the "Green 5" ^_^

All pics ⒸEduard

.:Special Hobby:. Short Sunderland Mk.V #ontheway

Ok. Big subject, big problems for the mould - makers. Why? The galvanized moulds tech has some disadvantages ie. they are thin-skinned and breakable.
But from now, it's looks the Special Hobby team beat the tech - restriction and the world of possibilities for the community is now a lot, well BIGGER

.:High Planes Kits: Dassault Mirage IIIO RAAF #released

High Planes Dassault Mirage IIIO RAAF 3 & 77 SQN Recce Kit 1:72
A VERY limited release this week - the Mirage IIIO with recce nose as a complete kit. This includes markings for 3 SQN and 77 SQN and a clear resin RAAF recce nose. It will be limited to 100 pieces and is now available for pre-order - shipping from the end of next week.

.:Big Planes Kits: Pilatus Turbo Porter #quicklook

 Scale plastic model assembly kit. Kit contains injection molded plastic parts, resin parts, photo etched, decals 4 ( color schemes) and masks for window and windscreen. The model was developed using 3D CAD technology.

.:Eduard:. Mikoyan Mig-21MF ~late2017~ #renders

The 1/72 MiG-21MF is proceeding to the production stage. Design of the MF versions is almost over, and the model is approaching the stage of technological preparation that is required for production. Our intention is to go through all production stages as quickly as possible and have the model ready before the end of this year.The design is based on our 1/48 model from 2011, but is significantly modified and adapted to 1/72 scale. It includes some minor shape adjustments, but also the decision to release the kit in two versions. The first version covers the gray machines used by the Air Defence regiments, and the second one will cover the frontline air force machines. The model is designed to be easy to construct.