HPM Hobbies: AIM-9B Sidewinder #incoming

The next in our 3D printed missile range will be the AIM-9B Sidewinder and TDU-11/A Mk26 Training Rocket. Both of these will be supplied with the AERO-3B rail.

The AIM-9B Sidewinder was the first generation of the famous air to air missile, and was widely exported.

Training pilots to use the system required a target rocket and the TDU-11/A round fitted with the Mk26 illuminating head was often used. We have evidence of use with the USAF F-100 Super Sabre and RAAF Dassault Mirage IIIO - anyone know of others?

These will be available as sets of two missiles initially in 1/72

.:Airfix:. 3D printed Phantom prototype and B-25 testshoot #Nurenberg2017

3d prints on the closer look. Canopy is.. still beter than some short-run kits;]
and fantastic portrait of the upcoming B-24 Mitchel from Airfix.
Photos src Scale Aircraft Modelling - SAM

.:Brengun:. Boxarts for A-36 Apache/Invader

Interessing. The author of the boxarts is the   artist Gino Marcomini. Eyecatching boxarts... I really like it
Ach, Gino M site: → www.oxygino.com

.:RS Models: Bloch MB-155 #released

kit no 92199
 Sir Robert from the RS Models just kindly sent me these pictures. So, the Bloch MB-155 is now on sale.
 Na-645 Yale is expected in the end of February
As Sir Robert stated:
We presented information about models scheduled for a near future, no an phantasy over next two years.

.:MasterX:. Junkers F.13 / Junkers G.24 conversion sets #incoming

MX7226.01 - Junkers G.24/he "Luftwaffe"
  MX7226.02 - Junkers G.24/he "Jannina"
Info courtesy of research done sir Homebee @ britM. forum

.:Hasegawa:. F/A-18F Adv. Super Hornet

First flown in 2013, the F/A-18F Advanced Super Hornet prototype is packed with innovations that made it a success with the US Navy. Initial flight tests proved successful, thanks in part to "Enhanced Performance Engines" that boosted output from 22,000 pounds to 26,400 pounds per power plant. Conformal fuel tanks increased the aircraft's combat range by 260 nautical miles while adding 3,500 pounds (1,600 kg) of fuel per fill-up. This limited edition kit features new resin parts and one marking option..

【Resin Parts】
· Conformal tank · Enclosed weapon pod parts

· Demonstrator (2013)

.:Revell:. Dornier Do-17Z-10 #boxart

/wonderlandmodels.co.uk as the src/
Nice boxart.
But release as the ICM rebox itself... Hallo Revell, did you remember the good old days...With B-25 from Hase, some Dragon stuff or your own Luft'46 serie? C'mon!
Ok, who cares. Paint it BLACK.

.:Hasagawa:. Eurofighter Typhoon Single Seater "Ace Combat UPEO" #boxart

Already on this blog... http://www.72news.eu/2017/01/hesagawa-eurofighter-typhoon-single.html
Ace Combat 6: The Fires of Liberation pits pilots, once again, against an aggressive and superior force of invaders. Against such odds, the only defense is a fast plane and a faster trigger finger! Fortunately, Hasegawa can help you out with the plane. The Eurofighter Typhoon is one of the top aircraft currently available in the world inventory and you can get this one in a specialized "UPEO" livery that's straight from the DLC on Ace Combat 6. This limited edition kit features two special "UPEO" decals.

Decal Options:

  •     UPEO SARF Code: EC071 The flight shooting game "ACE COMBAT 6"
  •     UPEO EMBLEM Code: EC71 The flight shooting game "ACE COMBAT 6"
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