.:AMG:. Polikarpov R-5 #renders

Arsenal Model Group (AMG) http://amg-models.net/category/in-developing/
announcement done in the end of 2015, scale 72 included

The Polikarpov R-5 was a Soviet reconnaissance bomber aircraft of the 1930s. It was the standard light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft with the Soviet Air Force for much of the 1930s, while also being used heavily as a civilian light transport, in the order of 7,000 being built in total.
 Release of 1/144 scale model is set to the spring of 2017

src: wikimedia

.:D Corporation:. ROKAF F-4E Phantom II "17th Fighter Wing"

From D Corporation comes this new boxing of the Revell F-4 kit in 1/72nd scale. Includes resin upgrade parts and decals printed by Cartograf
 Hm. With totally lacking of fresh Revell kits, when Revell itself do many -many reboxes, somebody will rebox... Revell. #ffs
First the World of [very] Limited Edit, presidential Golden Tshower, now rebox by rebox.

Release is set for february. Price... 30$ 😲
Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen lesen Sie die Packungsbeilage und fragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker"
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.:Foxbot Decals:. Suchoi Su-24 Ukrainian Air Forces

Warriors of Light.

Foxbot decals... catalogue online [PDF!] http://foxbot.com.ua/assets/foxbot-12.2016.pdf
 Not sure about quality, but no censorship included...

.:Special Hobby:. HA-1112 M-1L Buchón “Ejército del Aire” #reissue

Although Spanish dictator Franco owed to the Italian fascists and German Nazis for the successful coup, he did not let them to pull him into World War 2. This fact did not prevent him, however, from purchasing weapons or their production license rights from Hitler’s Germany. The license for the Bf 109F/G fighter was purchased in this manner. The airframe production was trouble free in Spain but the engines should have been delivered by Germany. Eventually this never happened so the Spanish have to help themselves. Initially, they tested domestic HS-12Z engine but it was no earlier than in 1949 that a small series of HA-1109 K-1L/C-4J was produced. Meanwhile the airframes had been awaiting the power plant installation already since 1944! In 1953, Great Britain lifted the embargo so it was possible to purchase British Merlin 500/45 engines. Eventually, these engines were installed into modified Messerschmitt airframes. Between 1955-56, the Spanish Air Force received 171 machines of the new HA-1112 M-1L/C-4K Buchón (Pigeon) version. Of course these aircraft could not have been used as fighters, their primary role were the ground attacks. For these missions the aircraft were equipped not only with cannon armament but also with rockets. The latter were used against the insurgents in Spanish Morocco in 1958-60. During the mid 1960s the Buchóns were transferred to training and reserve units. But their finest hour was yet to come. About 15 Buchóns together with Spanish license-built He 111 (CASA 2.111) were used for the filming purposes during the shooting of Battle of Britain film in 1968. To resemble the Bf 109 the film Buchóns were modified by addition of the squared wing tips, mock up weapons and tail plane struts. Of interest might be the fact that during the filming the Buchóns were used not only as German aircraft but also to expand the Hurricane force as they flew in the formation in the background. Several Buchóns survived the filming and participated in other films, too. Some of them still fly nowadays as warbirds.
   The kit of the Spanish ground attack version of the Buchón contains two frames with grey styrene parts, a part of which, including the rockets and their racks are injected from a metal mould that was completely designed in 3D CAD, there is also a frame with clear parts, highly detailed resin cast cannon parts, exhaust stacks and photo-etched parts. The Buchóns in Spain served in two camouflage scheme standards. Initially it was the overall blue coat that was later replaced by aluminium dope on the upper surfaces and light blue coat on the lower surfaces. The decal sheet  offers markings for three machines; two of them feature the standard camouflage scheme while the last one carries non standard field applied camouflage. The overall blue and the non-standard machine sport nicknames on their noses and also unit badges.


.:ICM:. 2017 catalogue - now online... 72 subjects confirmed...

 via scalemodels.ru

This is just a confirmation of our info on this blog:
One thing - boxarts for 48 subjects are already included, 72 scale aircrafts with provisional illustrations😐

.:D Corporation:. F-16C Falcon Block.40/50 #rebox

#reissue of the Revell one
From D Corporation comes this new boxing of the Revell F-16 kit in 1/72nd scale. Includes D-Corp. original photo-etched detail parts (strengthening plates), resin upgrade parts and decals printed by Cartograf.

General Dynamics

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.:Metalic Details:. Mig-29 detail set - PE #aftermarket

Just one another player from a Dnepropetrovsk
 Metallic Details release Detailing set for aircraft model MiG-29 (Zvezda) in scale 1/72.

Set contains parts for detailing the interior and exterior of the aircraft.

Set contains photoetched details, painting masks for the cockpit canopy, color film for the dashboard.
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