.:Azur-Frrom:. Northrop Delta - decals schemes

The decals for FR0032 

Delta Civilian Version "Swedish, TWA and Mexican Service":

  • - Cam A : Northrop Delta 1C, c/n 7, SE-ADI, named Halland, A.B. Aerotransport airline, Sweden, April 1934 to May 1937. Served on routes Gothenburg-Copenhagen-Malmö and Malmö-Copenhagen-Hanover.
  • - Cam B : Northrop Delta 1A, c/n 3, X12292, TWA – Trans World Airlines, August to November 1933. Used as mail transport between Los Angeles and Kansas City.
  • - Cam C : Delta 1B c/n 4, X-ABED, Aerovias Centrales S.A. airline (a Mexican subsidiary of the PANAM air carrier), Mexico, August 1933 to May 1934. The airplane was used on the Los Angeles – Mexico City route.

And for

FR0033 Delta Over Spain:

  • - Cam A : Northrop Delta 1C, c/n 7, EC-AGC, L.A.P.E. airline. Spanish Republic, 1937–38. The aircraft was ex SE-ADI (Sweden), named Halland. In Spain, it was used in transport role and for VIP transport, piloted by Pedro Tonda and José Maria Carreras. For example on 9–10 September, 1938, Republican Prime Minister Juan Negrín flew to Zurich and back on board of this plane.
  • - Cam B : Northrop Delta 1C, c/n 7, EC-AGC, L.A.P.E. airline. Spain, 1938/39. Shortly after Zurich, the fuselage registration letters were all painted in black colour and stayed so until the end of the war. The aircraft escaped to the French base of Oran-La Senia in Algeria and was handled to Franco air force..
  • - Cam C : Delta 1C, c/n 7, 43-18, (ex EC-AGC / SE-ADI), Ejercito del Aire (Spanish Air Force), 1939–45.

.:Special Hobby:. SB2C-5 Helldiver ~new parts~

#incoming spring 2017


For our forthcoming reboxing of Academy SB2C-4 kit, a set of new conversion parts has been prepared here and all these items will allow the modeller to build the kit in the Dash Five version. The new parts will be produced in two formats, the cockpit parts, u/c wheels, napalm tanks and some others will be produced from resin, the others will be of standard styrene injected into a metal mould. These styrene parts will cover the new cockpit canopy, enlarged bomb bay doors with actuators, a new bomb bay bulkhead with bomb release arms and a new broad-bladed propeller. So let´s take a lookt at the conversion part computer rendered images below.

All pics by Ⓒ and Special Hobby

.:Hasegawa:. Heinkel He 111H-6 w/Bv246 Hagelkorn LE

Well before WWII started, the He 111 was a tried and true design, once the fastest passenger aircraft in the world. It was soon set to less peaceful purposes, however, as one of the chief bombers of the Luftwaffe. Its reliability and sure design were later harnessed to the famously inaccurate Bv246-an early form of gliding bomb that offered extraordinary range and destructive potential at the cost of virtually any ability to aim. This limited edition kit features an He 111H-6 with new bomb rack parts, a Bv246, and two sets of decals.

Decal Options:
  • H-6 Late: Luftwaffe 2./KG100 Code: 6N+SK
  • H-6 Late: Luftwaffe experimental plane Code: DF+OV
Suggested retail price... ca. 76 $ #mwahahaha
 Italeri in the catalogue for 2015/2016 included this variant also set for release.
 But in the light of the Airfix He-111s... Looks like the Italians dropped his project.

 Still waiting for aftermarket conversion with the "late" turret version!

Airfix camo scheme for "vintage tool"

...and the real one

.:/ex-Art_model/:. Dassault Mirage IVA/P #testbuild

 At Nürenberg toy fair a new Ukrainian brand - reported issued from Art Model - is to show a new tool 1/72nd Dassault Mirage IVA/P kit. via  GreenMatsClub community/Fb...
 [Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg 2017]

.:Eduard:. Spitfire Mk.IX "Late" | Focke -Wulf Fw190F-8| weekends for march 2017

Eduard 7431 Spitfire Mk.IXc late version
Eduard 7440 Fw 190F-8
  Eduard tool made in 2015/2016, decals printed by Eduard, PE and mask not included, 2 marking options. Full color instructions.

 RAW Data only lads &gents... For a few days... Hope to see nice, colorful decal options for these ones