.:Bronco:. DFS-230 #testbuild

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.:Hesagawa:. Eurofighter Typhoon Single Seater "Ace Combat UPEO"

ace the Estovakian Storm

Ace Combat 6: The Fires of Liberation pits pilots, once again, against an aggressive and superior force of invaders. Against such odds, the only defense is a fast plane and a faster trigger finger! Fortunately, Hasegawa can help you out with the plane. The Eurofighter Typhoon is one of the top aircraft currently available in the world inventory and you can get this one in a specialized "UPEO" livery that's straight from the DLC on Ace Combat 6. This limited edition kit features two special "UPEO" decals.

Decal Options:

  •     UPEO SARF Code: EC071 The flight shooting game "ACE COMBAT 6"
  •     UPEO EMBLEM Code: EC71 The flight shooting game "ACE COMBAT 6"

February 2017

.:Azur From:. Northrop Gamma | .:Special Hobby:. Norhrop Delta #incoming

As the Mr. Riedel stated @ modelforum.cz

Northrop Delta Δ

Fist version made for Azur/Frrom - two boxes ~narrow cockpit/single seat for pilot - Spanish and civ service
Special Hobby - box with wide [two pilot] cockpit - markings for a RAAF machine, US; Ethiopia and USCG.
Releases from the SH are targeted for early spring ie. april or may.

Northrop GAMMA Γ:

Azur FR0034
Two seat bomber, as used by Chinese Forces, will be prepared with two decal schemes with chinese camo, and one extra bonus test machine with UK markings.

Autumn 2017:
Canadian Northrop Delta Δ
Short-run tech for main parts, small details - aluminium molds

.:Airfix:. Phantom boxart by Adam Tobby

For today this is of course  only the illustration for the frontpage page of the:
More outstanding arts by the artist...
on this blog under the label:


or with some google-fu:

.:Special Hobby:. Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi #reissue

p2 SH72199 - Nakajima Ki-115 "Battle of Tokio 1946"
Following their defeat at the battle of Midway, the Japanese Empire lost also its strategic initiative in the Second World War and had to begin to think defensively. Because of the overwhelming supremacy of the Allied forces, a group of officers came up with the idea of suicidal attacks from the air. At first, standard airframes were used, which proved to be rather expensive and the development of a specialized, single-purpose aircraft was commenced. One of the so-called special attack machines was the Ki-115 Tsurugi. In January 1945, the Japanese Navy issued a special suicide attack aircraft specification which were handed over to Nakajima company.
The chief designer Kunihiro Aoki and his team came up with the Ki-115 project which was built from non-strategic materials and was meant to utilize a choice of several power plants, although in practice all of the machines built were equipped with Ha-115 powerplants. The type was to be armed with a semi-embedded bomb carried under the fuselage and a special, simple and jettisonable undercarriage was to be used to increase the aircraft´s performance after take off for the mission. As early as March 1945, first flight tests of the prototype machine took place, during which several problems occured, namely the view from the cockpit was insufficient during taxiing, the unsprung undercarriage legs caused considerable trouble and take off itself was aslo difficult. That all led to many alterations being implemented to the airframe, the most visible of which was the addition of the flaps on the wing trailing edge. By the end of the war, as many as 104 machines had been built, but none of them ever saw a real combat deployment, which is the reason that the type was not issued its Allied code name, as the Allies did not even know of this type. There were two more versions planned.  Navy should have had their version which was to be known as the Toka, and the other was to be fitted with an enlarged wooden wing, but neither design left the drawing board before the end of the war.
The kit consists of one sprue of plastic parts, one with a clear part and a set of detailed resin parts. The decal sheet caters for three production machines in the markings of the Japanese Army.

.:Hasegawa:. P-38H/J Lightning "European Theatre" #incoming

With its combination of four .50 cal machine guns and one 20mm cannon, all clustered in the nose of the aircraft, the P-38 Lightning had a firing rate of roughly 4,000 rounds a minute. In every theater of the war that was plenty of firepower to bring the biggest birds down… and with the accuracy to get a good shot in at the nimblest, as well. In Europe, specifically, the type was also pressed into action as a fighter bomber. This limited edition kit combo features two P-38s with 8th Air Force decals.

Decal Options:

  •     P-38H : USAAF 8AF 55FG 38FS Lt. Col. Jack Jenkins Code: CG-J (42-67074) Oct., 1943
  •     P-38J : USAAF 8AF 20FG 55FS Capt. Roy Scrutchfield Code: KI-N: Jeanne (43-28430)

.:Airfix:. News for 2017... 3 x new tool

reissues with new decals/boxarts

new tool
 First and already introduced:

Messerschmitt Me -262 A-1 Schwalbe

And second new tool for 2017

  • North American B25 C/D Mitchell 
  • McDonnel Douglas FG.1 Phantom
all three new tooling aicraft are set for release in the second part of the year 😒
(and still better than Revell... 3x!)

Reissues new decals/parts:

Boeing Fortress Mk.III*Q2/2017
Messerschmitt Bf110C/D15 Mar
Curtis Tomahawk Mk.IIBQ3/2017
Fairey Swordfish15 Mar
Mitshubishi Zero-Sen14 jan[!]
North American P-51D Mustang#released
Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c ScoutQ2/2017
Junkers JU87B-2/R-2 StukaQ3/20017
Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a Schwalbejuly 2017?
Avro Shackleton AEW.2Q2/2017
Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV**Q4/2017
Hunting Jet Provost T.3/T.3aFebruary 2017
WWII USAAF Eighth Air Force Resupply Setjan14
* decals schemes:

  • Scheme 1 - “Take it Easy”, No.214 (Federated Malay States) Squadron, No. 100 (Bomber Support) Group, Royal Air Force Downham Market, Norfolk, England, 1944.
  • Scheme 2 - KJ121 44-8624 6G-B 223 Squadron
**decals schemes for Blenheim Mk. IV:

  • Scheme 1 - Bristol Blenheim MkIV GRB1 Free French Air Force Sudan March 1941
  • Scheme 2 - Bristol Blenheim MkIV R3816 / OM-J 107 Squadron Leuchars March 1941
Rabaul Flyings Ninjas!

Tomahawk w/o shark, but still Tomahawk;)

Regia Aeronautica. Nice decal set for..Eduard kit