.:Airifx:. McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 ^testsprues^ + paint^schemes

McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 XT864 / 151 /VL, No.767 Naval Air Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, Somerset, England, 1971.

.:Xtradecal:. Henschel Hs-123A-1/Hs-123B-1 #incoming

Henschel Hs-123A-1/Hs-123B-1 (6 markings)

  • Fliegergruppe 50 1938 special markings for Lt.Hamann [who had just learnt to flyFYI: KIA 1940]
  • L2+AC II.(Sch.)/LG 2 Gruppen Kommandeur Hauptmann Otto Weiss France
  • L2+1940;
  • Red P 10(Schl.)/LG 2 with yellow nose and rudder Balkans Campaign; Green 0 Adjutant 10(Schl.)/LG 2 with yellow fuselage band and wing tips Russia 1941;
  • 1-50 Regimento Mixto No 1 based Alcala de Henares. Spain 

.:Blackbird models:. Fairey Fawn #reissue

Detailed resin kit of this inter war RAF biplane. This is the former Montex kit now owned by BlackBird Models.

Look like very limited run.
first come, first served

.:Special Hobby:. Letov Š.328 "SNP" #boxart

SH72369 [Next boxart done for Special Hobby by Reiniš]

Slovenské národné povstanie, abbreviated as SNP - the background story:
[Gloria Victis]

For reference you should also read:


.:IBG:. PZL 37A Łoś #boxart

We would like to announce that the next family of planes that we're working on are the PZL.37s! First boxart to present depicts PZL.37 A Łoś - coming soon, of course in 1/72 scale!
The artist; Arkadiusz Wróbel.

.:Hasegawa:. Nakajima Ki43-II & Ki44-II with Fuel Truck #august

"Akeno Flying School"

By December, 1943, Japan was seriously in need of new pilots. A series of gritty conflicts with opponents across the area of operations had ground down the Japanese Army Air Service and replacements were desperately needed from schools like Akeno. Akeno, for its part, needed more fuel, tires, instructors, aircraft, and, most importantly, time. This limited edition kit combo features two aircraft plus a TX40 Fuel Truck and lots of decals from December, 1943.

Decal Options:
Ki43-II Late

  •     JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Dec.,1943

Ki44-II Koh

  •     JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Code: 84 December, 1943
  •     JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Code: 45 December, 1943


  •     JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Code: 83 December, 1943
  •     JAAF Akeno Army Flying School Code: 87
The EU price?

.:Werner Wings:. Vietnam Ace Capt. Steve Ritchie and Friends #decals

So what do you do when you want decals for a specific aircraft that aren’t made? Well if you are me you make them and then sell them. So here is the latest release from Werner's Wings. Vietnam Ace- Capt Steve Ritchie and Friends. They are released as WW Decals 48-13 ($16) and WW Decals 72-06 ($14).

.:Sova Models:. Northrop Grumman Firebird x3

(Sova Models SVM-72003)
Sova - Models
Btw. indeed - Sova means owl:)

↑Northrop Grumman Firebird UAV concept↑

(Sova Models SVM-72002)

↑Northrop Grumman Firebird OPV with reconnaissance containers↑

(Sova Models SVM-72001)

 ↑Northrop Grumman Firebird OPV with antennas and sensors ↑

.:Eduard:. The boys are back |RC|Combo #boxart

The August Limited Edition box for "Naši se vracejí" (cat. no. 2120) is based on the artwork of Piotr Forkasiewicz. The kit is dedicated to the Spitfire Mk.IX aircraft that were flown by Czechoslovak pilots.
You will surely remember the 1/48 scale kit of the same name, released in August 2013.
This 1/72nd scale variant has the same concept, but has gone through several changes.

- Triple Combo - parts for three complete
models of F Mk.IXc, LF/HF Mk.IXc and
- 39 camouflage schemes of Spitfires in the
service of the RAF, and in the post-war
Czechoslovakia, Israel and Burma
- decals by Cartograf, stencils by Eduard
- colour photo-etched details and painting mask
- Brassin undercarriage wheels, and exhausts
- 100 page book "Naši se vracejí", by Zdeněk Hurt, 2nd extended edition
- envelope with postage stamp "Naši se vracejí", from year 2013.

Krabice srpnové limitky č. 2120 „Naši se vracejí“, věnované Spitfirům Mk.IX československých pilotů, má základ v artworku Piotra Forkasiewicze.

.:SEM Model:. Couzinet 71 ARC-5 "L^avion de Mermoz" #released

The Couzinet 70 was a 1930s French three-engined commercial monoplane built by Société des Avions René Couzinet founded by René Couzinet.
 Couzinet 71- Prototype (of the 70 "10 Arc en Ciel" modified for service as a mailplane, with lengthened nose and strut-braced tailplane)
 and of course...