.:Eduard:. PE set for Zdezda Yak-130 - backstage photos

I'M ON IT /JÁ NA TOM MAKÁM: Yak 130 1/72
Stanislav Müller is thinking about his new task – an instruction manual for the PE set that is designed for Zvezda 1/72 Yak-130. As well as the standard set of photo-etched accessories (73618), we will also release a set of details in the ZOOM series (SS618). Both sets are scheduled for December.
„Jak na ten Jak?“, přemýšlí Stanislav Müller nad novým úkolem – návodem k leptům na Jak-130 1/72 od Zvezdy. Kromě standardní sady leptů (73618) vydáme v prosinci také sadu detailů v řadě ZOOM (SS618).

.:Xtradecal:. McDonnell-Douglas F-4K/F-4M Phantom FG.1/FGR.2 #decals

McDonnell-Douglas F-4K/F-4M Phantom FG.1/FGR.2 (8)
  • FG.1 XV582/B 111 Squadron RAF Leuchars 1970s, DG/DSG/LAG;
  • XT906/T 2(AC) Sqn RAFG Laarbruch 1970s, DG/DSG/LAG;
  • XT912/912 6 Sqn RAF Coningsby June 1969, DG/DSG/LAG;
  • XV403/A 54 Sqn RAF Coningsby 1972; DG/DSG/LAG;
  • XV414/N 41 Sqn RAFG Gutersloh Sept 1976, DG/DSG/LAG;
  • XT914/Z Combined markings of 56 and 74 Sqns RAF Wattisham March 1972, Camo Grey/LAG;
  • XV466/D Desperation 1435 Flt RAF Mt Pleasant 1991 Camo Grey/LAG with white fin or
  • XV421/F Faith 1435 Flt Mt Pleasant 1991 Camo Grey/LAG;

.:Kit-Studio||Classic Plane:. Fokker F-50

 Kits Studio
Conversion set fo the Airfix Kit
Looks like this set was released some time ago: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/f50/f50_engtxt.htm#july10
From Germany (Classic Plane), a mixed media model (vacuform fuselage and resin parts) has been issued. The model was based on drawings supplied by the author of this website and a master made by Maarten Schonfeld on behalf of IPMS The Netherlands.
The model is a good Fokker 50, with resin parts of wings, details and a complete model in 1/72 can be made. For the Dutch AF version, ECM pods and FLIR pods are also supplied. Civil decals are provided for an Austrian Airlines aircraft.

Fokker F-60: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/f60/f60mod.htm

Src: http://scalemodels.ru/

.:Modelsvit:. Sukhoi T-10-10/11 #sprueSh00ts

Dear Friends,
We are glad to announce that the initial molding tests of all T-10-10/11's spruses have been finished successfully (check out the gallery). We have made our best to provide you with remarkable, modeller's friendly kit.
The set is coming with photo-etched plate, inner and outer adhesive masks (for the canopy and wheels), decals for 3 markings.
Hope you shall stay satisfied!

.:Foxbot:. Tupolev SB-2 #decals

The Tupolev ANT-40, also known by its service name Tupolev SB (Russian: Скоростной бомбардировщик – Skorostnoi Bombardirovschik – high speed bomber) and development co-name TsAGI-40, was a high speed twin-engined three-seat monoplane bomber, first flown in 1934. The Tupolev design was advanced but lacked refinement, much to the dismay of crews, maintenance personnel and of Stalin, who pointed out that "there are no trivialities in aviation".

.:AviModels:. A5M4-K Claude (training version) #boxart

U.S.A.F. B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber

Modelcollect B-2.
Released... or soon to be released?

More about ModelCollect B-2 on this blog:


.:Arma Hobby:. PZL P.7A - september 1939 #boxart

PZL P.7a Expert Set 1939 cat. no. 70007
for 2018 release /rebox...
Plastic model kit of fighter aircraft PZL P.7a
  • plastic parts
  • photoetched fret
  • wheels and canopy masks
  • decals with markings of airplanes used in Septemebr 1939 campaign
Coming in early 2018
expected Cartograf printed decals[?]

More about Arma's Hobby P.7A on this blog:


.:Airfix:. RAF Phantom and B-25 Mitchell #testbuilds

More Phantom exclusives

With our new McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 scheduled for a triumphant December release many visitors to the Airfix stand at Scale ModelWorld this weekend will be hoping to see a built example of this fantastic kit on display, almost twelve months to the day since the model was first announced. They will not be disappointed, as this will be just one of the many impressive models we will have available on our stand for closer inspection over the weekend, but you didn’t think we would leave our loyal Workbench readers out did you? In advance of the Telford show, we are proud to exclusively reveal this selection of Phantom FG.1 build images, which illustrate just how splendid this new kit is and will surely serve as inspiration for many Phantom model builds to come – enjoy.

All text and photos src https://airifx.com