.:Eduard:. Supermarine Spitfire F Mk.IX #released ~inbox~

Well. The box. And the art on the box. Deal with it.

4 decals variants.
vs six in the "late" boxing.
Five is the Eduard standard[?]
 So...you got 6 with "late", we cut "early" O_o
Yeah, everyone with the stash bigger than 10 kits have a bazylion add. Spitfire schemes and the secret tatoo, but...Four?
early version :>
For the instr. manual look here:

.:SBS Model:. Macchi Mc-72 Schneider Trophy racer #incomig

We are happy to announce our new 1/72 full resin kit to be released early next year! It's 1/72 Macchi Mc-72 Schneider Trophy racer. More info soon!
SBS Model - Hungary

.:Modelsvit:. Mikoyan E-152A "Flipper" #released

@2016 was busy year for the guys from the Modelsvit company and the Ukraine with his all 1/72 plastic becomes second dealer after BIG SIN guys from Czechia.

 The Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-150 family was a series of prototype single-seat fighter/interceptor aircraft designed and built by the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau in the Soviet Union from 1955
Е-152 — советский экспериментальный истребитель-перехватчик

.:RV Aircraft:. Focke -Wulf 190D ~longnose Dora~ a #reissue[?]

Dat ones. D11+D12+D13
They are released sometime ago.
Not-so-very accurate.
Flame-able on the communities and... to be honest ~a bit over- pricey~
 (ok - released as double-packs a bit later with more fair price]

Ca. 2014 Radek V. [the person behind the RV Aircraft] sold the moulds [?] and the rights to AZ Model. /as he stated on RV facebook page/
AZ Model  changed the kits /minor corrections has been made to the fuselage, and PE parts changed with the plastic ones/ @2014-2015.
 And of course - D9 variant has been delivered to the market too.
P. Muzikant, the AZ Model owner has mentioned once the D-12 release as torpedo carrier. But... as many of projects, this idea has been dropped [like special release full of weapons for AZ Model Gustav]

The secret now?
RV Aircraft Doras changed status in some stockist from the discontinued to... future release.
Did you remember the <<Morane Saulnier Ms. 406>> from the AZUR? Well, the same sprues are now shipped under the AZ Model Brand.
Time for the  lease of the moulds has ended or... #wtf O_o
To be continued...

Photo Gallery by QuickGallery.com

.:Eduard:. Consolidated B-24 Liberator Gr. V #2017

#incoming October 2017
On the way:
all pics by and © Eduard:

Hasegawa {YES!} plastic plus Eduard add-ons.
Add-ons. Lot's of...add-ons.

.:Eduard:. Messerchmitt Bf110 G-4 profipack for january 2017 #incoming

CAT. NO.: 7094
Nobody expect the eduardish discontiued^ishion.
But... the reissue happens.
According to sir Sulc - the sales of this product are nice, but... not in the greatest manner.

<<As Fw190 A5 profi - pack removed from the stock with only a few months on the market🙉>>
and now. The sprues.
 Hm. The antenna tool is missing from this boxing?
2 markings copypasted from 2013 box
Aha - Fw190A5 will be back. Sometime in the ~2017~.
Stay tuned for upcoming detailed investigation about Eduard #2017 on this blog./Blog Post no. 501! #yay/

To be honest - the painting from the previous boxing' was nice, but not so hotties in the town. Thus I prefer 2x weekend edit and... AIMS decals:
Schemes from the AIMS - the GOD of well researched Luftwaffe subjects.

.:Special Hobby:. [Supermarine] Spitfire F Mk.22 #HI-TECH

This Saturday release
(weekend(-; style)

  1. 5x plastic sprue 
  2. - (Cartograf printed decals) 
  3. - 6 camo scheme
  4.  - color PE
  5.  - resin wheels & exhaust 
  6. - Kabuki mask for the canopy & wheels

.:Italeri:. JAGUAR A "Gulf War 25th anniversary" #reissue


The Jaguar, born during the ‘60s thanks to a development partnership program between French and British aviation companies, is one of the most famous and “long lasting” ground attack and close air support aircraft used by British Royal Air Force and French Armée de l’Air. After the Iraqui invasion of Kuwait, the French Government joined to the International Coalition and launched the operation “Daguet” by participating in the first Gulf War. The Armée de l’Air Jaguars, deployed in the Saudi Arabian airbases, provided a significant contribution and successfully performed, thanks to the improved capability to use laser-guided weapons, close support and strike missions against ground targets, command centres and communication lines.