.:Eduard:. Focke - Wulf Fw190 A5 #camo for december "light figther"

for december 2016 release.
"light fighter" in the Eduard own methodology means: without outer MG/FF 20 mm cannons.
Photos of this part. machine you can find in the Focke-Wulf Fw 190, Vol. 1: 1938-1943:
"The Fw 190 A-5 probably flown by Major Hannes Trautloft. Geschwader Kommodore of JG 54 based at Pleskau during the spring of 1943. The unit received its first four Fw 190 A-4s in January 1943 with six A-5s following in March The aircraft in the background has similar markings
and may have been Trautloft's reserve machine."

@ pages 195-196 and the fantastic profile by Janusz Swiatlon. Sorry, don't have rights to publish them here and the internet is empty too.
Or...with courtesy of AsisBiz... Another one looking similiar:

+ bunny joke for free http://www.72news.eu/2016/11/eduard-focke-wulf-190a-5-light-fighter.html
src: asisbiz
The "light" wing w/o MG/FF guns
IMHO the decision of the Eduard to publish weekend edition of his kits with additional color schemes is... bullseye. Fantastic;) Can't wait for these ones!

All pics/photos [c] Eduard 2016.

.:Revell:. ~Lockheed~ primo voto Douglas P-70 Nighthawk /A freudian slip.../

 More info on this blog here http://www.72news.eu/search?q=nighthawk
on the box... Lockheed [R]
luckily on the decals sheet is the Douglas

P.S.   freudian slip explained @ Urban Dict. /you have been warned/

.:Skale Wings:. Lockheed-Martin F-16D IDF/AF "Brakeet" - camo

.Aoshima:. Kawasaki Ki-61 _244^th sentai_ #released

just the boxart
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As the site with the .eu domain  we wish you a many Aoshima importes on the continent /maybe not with the ***gawa ***ing prices policy;>/

.:Eduard:. Focke -Wulf 190A-5 "light fighter" ~the mystery~ behind the second scheme

A5 light figher weekend edition
Hm. Not finished. Yet.
The photos from Eduard Facebook.
Ok. One scheme from the West. Second from the... East Front? But... red heart - looks like the Kunze machine from the Profi - Pack A5. Second one from the Chanell Front? I think...not. Well. Let.see, with some... GIMP-wu-shu.
 Yay, someone removed all the crumbs, but she/he forgot... this nice one.
Single chevron and bar for the East Front Experte?
Ok. Anton Mader vs Hubertus von Bonin machine.
And the red heart must be... color swaped... Why Eduard doing this prank... #noIdea

.:Mars Models:. Tupolev G-2 /TB-3 Polar cargo #inbox


Mars Models 1/72 Г-2 / ТБ-3-4М-17
The Tupolev TB-3 (Russian: Тяжёлый Бомбардировщик, Tyazholy Bombardirovschik, Heavy Bomber, civilian designation ANT-6) was a heavy bomber aircraft which was deployed by the Soviet Air Force in the 1930s and during World War II. It was the world's first cantilever wing four-engine heavy bomber. Despite obsolescence and being officially withdrawn from service in 1939, the TB-3 performed bomber and transport duties throughout much of World War II. The TB-3 also saw combat as a Zveno project fighter mothership and as a light tank transport.
G-2 was retired TB-3s with M-17 and M-34 engines converted for freight duties with Aeroflot.
All photos courtesy of Andrey P from Lv*** Thx.

and next photos in the gallery.

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:Avantgarde Model Kits:. IAI Kfir - testbuild

immanent the progress is (-;
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