.:Mikromir:. NIAI-1 "Fanera-2" - what is inside the box?


Lisichkin NIAI-1 "Plywood-2"

The LK-1 (Leningradskii Kombinat - Leningrad combine), (a.k.a. Fanera-2 – Plywood no.2), (a.k.a. NIAI-1) was a four-seat cabin aircraft designed and built in the USSR from 1933.

.:Italeri:. Douglas RB-66B "Destroyer" #released

1375S - Douglas RB-66B Destroyer

The twin-engine high swept wing Douglas RB-66 Destroyer entered in service in the mid- 50s to equip the USAF photo-reconnaissance squadrons. Derived, as the Douglas B-66 bomber version, from the A-3 Skywarrior, it had adopted a lot of changes compared to the US Navy aircraft. Thanks to the two J71 turbojet engines, the Destroyer was able to reach a max speed of 940 Km/h and guarantee an operative range of 1,800 miles. The equipment for the reconnaissance were installed in the loading bombs bay. A lot of RB-66s had been used by the USAF Squadrons located in Great Britain, Germany and Japan during the escalation of the Cold Wars proving their effectiveness in the intelligence and recon duties.

.:PrintScale:. B-17 and Fw-200 "Condor" #decals

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Part-1 / 72-236 /

Well, in plus - Print Scale adding some references to instructions sheet.
But... Decals from this studio have some controversy sticked around the community.
Some are oversized/overscaled, another problem is how they are hm...react with the water or/and set/sol decals solvents.
And included previews are...hm yellowish, instead of pure white. Will try to contact them and get some info about line upgrades /if they have any/

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Part-2 / 72-239 /

 Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor, Part 1 / 72-238 /

for civilan airliners - nice touch!

.:Amodel:. Dornier F-Wal Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Military Air Service #incoming

.:Mach2:. Avro York vs... Mikromir Avro York [2016 - 2017]

Hm. First one will be introduced @... /wait for it!!!/
Telford 2016.
Mach2 plastic models are.... Well. "not-so-typical shortrun-kits".
They are hardcore short-run kits. For a hardcore crazy plastic lovers.  [Xd!]
/ups, it's me? Where is my Arado 232.../
But hey, this is modelling, right? Die Cast-die.

The second one is announced as... pre-render-CAD. Something like MS Paint:
looks like soon to be ready...
*edit* Micromir not a Mars Models