.:ICM:. Focke-Wulf Fw189A1 -more detailed pics #inbox

Previously on this blog:
Dear ICM staff...
How to do sprue pic in the proper way...
All pics courtesy of www.superhobby.com
They are all watermarked, but if you can send me better...
Sprues a
The clear parts... Pray for any good, this subject with his highly polished  a glass vernanda...
man ICM Fw-198A-1$

.:Platz:. Heinkel He-219A-0 "Uhu" |Werner Streib|

The box of the rebox
First of all.
Thank you.
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 new decals for 
  And PE set by Platz... Made by Eduard.
Ok. Now I'm waiting for some form of uhu vs owl deathmatch.
Revell will down-scale  his 32 model and Tamiya do the same with 48 scale He-219...
Let's the mortal & plastic combat begin!

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.:Hasegawa:. "Hokota Flying School" dual combo

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams:
"almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea".
almost but not quite entirely unlike boxart 

soon to be released ~ #incoming~
more info about Hokota School @ the blog by Mr. Millman:

.:brengun:. Zlin-50M release for E-day

Click for Hi-res /1800x1100 or sth/
Also - mentioned on this blog - another box of this plane - with famous acrobatic group markings:

.:Sword:. A swarm of Harriers #incoming

SW 72098 Harrier T.Mk.2/2A/4/4N
SW72099 Harrier T.10/12

SW72100 TAV-8B Harrier II

The silence of the Sword... No flamewars, no fake anti-reviews... Just new jawels from time to time.

.:Special Hobby:. Potez XXV [25] and Breguet XIX - in design [?]

src wikimedia commons
Hm... 3D designed ^_^
Also, mentioned on this blog Potez XXV
is probably already on sale in very limited numbers. Above the screenshot from polish online auction service #allegro. Stay tuned for more news about this particular release.

.:Brengun:. Aftermarket [PE] sets for september 2016 #incoming

September 2016.
Brengun releases:
BRL72111 Yak-1 -- PE set for Brengun kit

BRENGUN 1/72- accessories/doplňky
BRL72112 U.S. drop tanks caps -- PE set of drop tanks caps

BRL72113 Bf 109F2/F4 (AZ model) -- PE set for AZ model kit: