.:Hasegawa:. Le Morane-Saulnier MS.406 #incoming

...is set for december [re]release...
Limited edit... One of so called...
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Limited Edit. * But Were Afraid to Ask*
Izetta . Die Letzte Hexe

The last witch himself?

remembering Gene Wilder

.:Eduard:. Supermarine Spitfire - to be continued...

When it rains of Spitfires, it....

The Royall Class hits the stores now.
So, what next?
Quoting the Eduard CEO:
 Other versions, including the Mk.VIII and XVI with both canopy variants, will follow through the second half of the year and continue on through next year, including a Royal Class boxing. So we will be releasing a Limited Edition kit, as well as an ‚Aussie Eight‘ and ‚The Boys are Back‘ release, the last two with an associated publication, with the second edition of ‚The Boys are Back‘ being expanded.
V. Sulc via Eduard Info
If you spot some edition of Spitfire @ 48 scale, they should be re-released in the 72 scale too.

Let's see the scan from Eduard2016 cat. in the analog [printed!] form:

RC and "late profipack" already in the stores.
Anyway - the gossips suggest, that weekend edition has been postponed /like 1/48 bf109g6 -now is set to april  2016/.
But hey - the OverTrees are not limited in any way, so...
Quoting a BM forum user - 172Flogger, who kindly compiled and translated posts from modelforum.cz.
FYI - I'm using 1/48 box/boxarts for illustration purposes only[!]
September - Royal Class Quatro Combo, [1x IXc Early, 1x IXc Late, 2x IXE.]

NovemberMk.XVI Dual Combo Bubletop/Highback Limited Edition

DecemberMk.IXc Early ProfiPack

 1st half of 2017.

Aussie Eight Mk.VIII Limited Edition (with book)

Mk.IXc Late Weekend

Mk.IXE ProfiPack

.:Xtradecals:. Consolidated B-24 Liberator "`The Dragon and His Tail" #reprinted

Consolidated B-24J Liberator (3) 44-40973 64th BS 43rd BG `The Dragon and His Tail' le Shima 1945; 44-40268 RT-H `Kentucky Belle' 446th BG 8th Air Force RAF Bungay, Suffolk; 42-99990 GC-H `Short Snorter' 14th CBW, 579thBS, 392nd BG 8th Air Force RAF Wendling, Norfolk.
Sadly, Hasegawa and Academy B-24 from months are available from the second hand.
Hm... Revell or Airfix 2017 with B-24? I'm in!

.:Eduard:. Focke -Wulf Fw190F #released with some puzzle

Mentioned on this blog here:
Additional weapons frame
 HA! Year after reveal - finally - hi-res, sharp photo!
and suprise - new PE part to...
...and some extra question mark.
screenshot from inst. manual
Parts "not for use" as usual - marked in blue.
One of them is ER4 for ETC adapter [?]
ER4 allows to adapt the ETC 501 under the fuselage to replace the bomb( SC250 or 500) by 4 of 50 kg:
src. wikimedia commons

IMHO 50/50 - my dear readers.
Or... some parts are dropped by Eduard dev team.
Or next boxing with Fw-190G is on the way.
src. wikimedia
 ...even maybe with more fancy drop tanks /as above/ or forgotten racks /bottom pic/
src. airwar.ru

.:Special Hobby:. List of sold out kits...

    Also please note that our models , SH72257, SH72264 and SH72272 are almost sold out and there are only very few of them left now. Once definitely sold out, we are not going to issue them any more.


.:Special Hobby:. Hughes MD500E #incoming

MD500E helicopter 1/72

boxart is in progress
 according to src from modelforum: the moulds of .P.r.o.f.i.l.i.n.e. has been sold to MPM /due to finacial problems/
Now they will be re-relased under  the SH trade mark with some add-ons /resin,pe?/

.:Sagittarius3D:. Yak-23 (S101) „FLORA” vol.2 #decals

(...)there is already second part of the decal to the Yak-23. Decal set Yak-23 "FLORA" vol.2 contains the marking of aviation Czechoslovakia, Romania and the USSR. The decal set with stencil (Russian and Czech).