.:Kora:. Fieseler - Skoda FiSk 199 #released

Fieseler und Skoda FiSk 199
In 1942 plans were made to enable the 109 to carry a large 500kg bomb. The Fieseler company designed the modifications. This consisted of the addition of a auxiliary undercarriage leg fitted under the center of the fuselage. This leg was jettisoned after take-off and was fitted with a parachute for retrieval. After the bomb was dropped the FiSk-199 could land in a normal way. The modifications were carried out by Skoda in Prague, hence the assignment of the Fi-Sk designation.
It is thought that two aircraft were converted and tested.
AZ Plastic of course and resin/PE/Decals by Kora.

.:Revell:. Douglas P.70 Nightfighter #2016 [?]

P-70 Nighthawk, done some time ago by MPM, is prepared by Revell Germany to hit the market in 2016. Some sources says - that all we /pluralis majestatis/ know.
P-70 (fighter), a variant of the 1938 A-20 Havoc aircraft.
Boxart image from Special Hobby only for info. purp.

.:Academy:. 2016 Westland AH-64D #released

Westland AH-64D
 "British Army in Afghanistan"
• New tooled parts for rocket pod, RWR (Radar Warning Receiver), sensors.
• One-piece main rotor.
• Comprehensive markings for British Apaches in Afghanistan, printed by Cartograf

.:OWL:. Decals for Luftwaffe/Finland//Portugal and...more #released

  • Bf 110 G-4 (W. Schnaufer):

  • Ju 52/3m nachtbomber Portugal [OWLDS72059]

  • Ju 52/3m, A-701 bomber Switzerland OWLDS72060

  • Do 17 Z-2 Finish aufklärer
  •  Blenheim Mk IV Finnish aufklärer
  •  Bf 110 E, S9+GH, SKG 210 nachtbomber OWLDS72062

.:Owl:. resin sets for Luftwaffe recce aircraft

Czech aftermarket crew from owl.cz just released a few nice update sets for recce aircrafts:
RB 20/30 Luftwaffe camera

RB 50/30 Luftwaffe camera

Not a hot-news, but worth mentionig here another set...

camera RB50/30 with rack