.:Manufaktura Modelarska:. Potez XXV with Jupiter engine #incoming

Two. Better than one.
First is the one by Grand Models mentioned @ this blog <<here>>:
Potez 25/ XXV 
from polish "Manufaktura Modelarska" *incoming in 2016.

* [meaning: modellers workshop/manufacture]

... http://www.72news.eu/2016/05/grandmodels-potez-xxv-boxart-incoming.html

.:Eduard:. Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXc #released #inbox2

.:MikroMir:. Miles M.57 Aerovan #incoming

Well. CAD render image only folks.
Miles M.57 Aerovan
The Miles M.57 Aerovan was a British twin-engined short-range low-cost transport designed and built by Miles Aircraft. It was used for freight, joy-riding and passenger services. It was also used by many commercial operators and for some military purposes. via Wikipedia, the free etc etc.

.:Italeri:. Vickers Wellington Mk. I #incoming

Good, old Wimpy... From Italeri. Ex - MPM. Super Decal sheet.
Vickers Wellington Mk. IC 
Week 26 @ 2016.
Two decal schemes - british Coastal Command /polish 304 Squadron, judging from box art/ and... nazi Germany, which - to be honest is strage choice for this subject IMHO, but... as always - this a modeller choice. That's all.

.:Valom:. Heinkel He 119 (What if) #released

Second boxing of Valom's Heinkel He 119. True what'iffer - if you gonna' ask me. Only a few prototypes of this strange looking plane was build, but one of them was a record plane.



.:WolfPack:. F4F-4 Wildcats x 2 #decals

Wolfpack Design just released 2 fresh new decals sets:

WD72004 F4F-4 Wildcat Part.1 'Carrier base Wildcat'

WD72005 F4F-4 Wildcat Part.2 'Land base Wildcat in Guadalcanal'

IMHO - nice add-on for Airfix one, or if u're lucky stasher-guy of course for Hase.

.:AModel:. Zveno-1A (TB-1 & I-5) #incoming

Zveno (Russian: Звено) was a parasite aircraft concept developed in the Soviet Union during the 1930s. It consisted of a Tupolev TB-1 or a Tupolev TB-3 heavy bomber acting as a mothership for between two and five fighters. Depending on the Zveno variant, the fighters either launched with the mothership or docked in flight, and they could refuel from the bomber. Wikipedia

Boxart. Set incoming in July 2016. That's all we known(;
 Zveno-2: Tupolev TB-3 and three Polikarpov I-5. Also visible is the ramp for loading the fighters.