.:RV Aircraft:. Mirage III E "Exotic" boxart and markings #incoming

Mirage III E "Exotic"  from czech RV Aircraft cat. no. 72053



and markings options:

.:fündekals:. 12x Spitfire for summer #incoming decals

Good people from fündekals on his way to release a big set decals for Supermarine Spitfire:
Fündekals is pleased to announce our latest project - just about everything we’ve got on some really interesting and historic Spitfires! It covers the whole range of WWII era Spits, from some of the iconic Mk.Is of the Battle of Britain period right through the end of the war.
In 1/72 and 1/48 you will get decals for all 12 aircraft INCLUDING complete roundels and fin flashes for all 12!

All in all, a really interesting bunch of Spits, most of which have never been done before. Those that have, we feel have not been done justice, and we’ve taken a fresh look at them and tossed out all of our preconceived notions. We’ve recieved some able assistance from folks with a great deal of knowledge on specific subjects, and we believe those are done here for the first time the way they actually appeared.
We hope you’ll like what you see! They should be available by early summer (hopefully in time for the IPMS/US nationals the first week of August)

Subjects include:
  • • The iconic Mk.I DW-K of 610 Squadron - done correctly for the very first time, based on all new research!
  • • Mk.I R6891 DW-Q flown by ‘ace in a day’ Sgt. Ronny Hamlyn of 610 Squadron, RAF Biggin Hill, August 1940
  • • Mk.Vb W3257 FY-E of 26 victory ace Flt. Lt. Eric Lock of 611 Squadron, August 1941
  • • Mk.Vb W3711 flown by American volunteer F/O Dick Patterson of 121 Eagle Squadron, ironically, shot down on 7 December 1941
  • • Mk.Vb BM181 of the 107th Observation Squadron, RAF Membry, summer 1943
  • • Mk.Vb 4Q of VCS-7, US Navy, used for gunfire spotting on D-Day
  • • Mk.IXc MJ845 of W/C Harry Bird-Wilson with 17 Squadron markings
  • • Mk.IXc of W/C Johnny Checketts
  • • Mk.IXc BS240 flown by W/C Dickie Milne of the Biggin Hill Wing, early 1943
  • • Mk.IXc EN568 flown by W/C Al Deere of the Biggin Hill Wing, mid-1943
  • • Mk.XVIe TB520 flown by W/C Don Andrews (Australian), early 1945
  • • Mk.XVIe SM343 LO-J flown by Flt Sgt G.J. Zuber (Australian) of 602 Squadron on ops against V-2 sites from RAF Ludham, early 1945

.:AModel:. Dornier J Wal #released

Amodel just released previously mentioned on this blog kit of famous classic flying boat:
Dornier J "Wal"

Some sprue pics - 

All images [c] by JadarHobby. You find more here: 

.:smallstuff:. Polikarpov I-3 #released #inbox

The Polikarpov I-3 (Russian: Поликарпов И-3) was a Soviet fighter designed during the late 1920s.
Thanks to cooperation by russian Jet & Prop and israeli Small Planes we can enjoy this limited run [?] resin set:

The entire box: - 92 resin parts, 2x clear parts.

More detailed pics of... the box (-;

Assembly manual:

Markings options - many of them [well- 11], nice touch!
 Hm, the decal sheet, printed by Begemot & photo - film as the intruments panel.

And full shoot, all parts out of the box

.:AModel:. Dornier J Wal #boxart #incoming

The Dornier Do J Wal ("whale") was a twin-engine German flying boat of the 1920s designed by Dornier Flugzeugwerke.
 and first pic of the sprues:

more pics you find on this blog here 

.:AlleyCat:. Metal wing conversion for Airfix Hurricane Mk1 #released

Fantastic news IMHO. Lack of metal-winged "Hurricane" Mk. I is serious blow.
Till today:)
Replacement wing for the recent Airfix kit to offer the more common metal ('Tin') wing. A direct replacement item that allows many of the kit detail parts to be used such as undercarriage and radiator. The set also includes new leading edge lights (They moved between fabric and tin wings), wingtip navigation lights and a new later style windscreen.


.:Avis:. Lavochkin La-200 with "Toiry" radar boxart #incoming

For VVS fans - one of latest Lavochkin design, with Торий-А radar.
The Lavochkin La-200 (a.k.a. Aircraft 200) was a two-seater, swept winged, Night and Bad Weather Jet Interceptor Fighter designed and manufactured by the Lavochkin Design Bureau from 1948.

FYI: Avis previosu released another variant of this prototype: