.:Eduard:.Focke - Wulf Fw 190A-8/R2 _weekend_ release for july 2016

CAT. NO.: 7430
Quoting The CEO of Eduard: [we] complete /the june sets/ with 1/72 Weekend edition Fw 190A-8/R2 heavy fighter with armored cockpit and two 30mm MK 108 cannon in the wings. There
are two marking options in the box, with Eduard printed decal sheet. 

SPRUES: Eduard
DECALS: Eduard
Marking options:

 And the decals.

.:ICM:. Summer news Dornier Do-17Z2 and Focke - Wulf 189A-2

Already announced @ Nuremberg Toy Fair, for summer /or QII and QIII 2016  - you bet/
Dornier Do17Z-2 Bomber/to be honest this boxart crusing over the net for years O_o/
Fw 189A-1 WWII German Reconnaissance Plane (100% new molds)

.:Platz:. Heinkel He-219 [ex- Dragon] UHU #incoming

According to rumour from managers of Shizuoka Hobby Show /in may 2016/ surprisingly Platz preparing for release in september 2016 brand new tool *edit* of famous Heinkel He-219 in king scale:

HLJ image
from main mage of Platz:

Major features

  • 1/72 scale plastic model kit
  • Dragon manufactured parts used
  • With etched parts
  • German-made high-quality silk screen decal included

Dragon Moulds finds a new owner? Not bad.
 New owner sell old sets "a little bit over-priced"? Sad but true?

.:HADmodels:. Messerschmitt Bf 110 D-3 "Afrika #incoming decals set

72152 Messerschmitt Bf 110 D-3 "Afrika- new nice set from Hungary. www.hadmodels.com
/as always - click for better res/

Also mentioned, but without previews are:
  • Su-24 1:72

  • F-14A "Sundowners" 1:72

  • He-111 P/H 1:72 /

  • Me-210/410 1:72/

  • A-10 Thunderbolt II

.:Hasegawa:. Junkers Ju-188F |Long range recon| #inbox

Firstly released in 2010 Hasegawa Junkers Ju-188 is the only modern kit of this type at the market right now [hello, Revell did you hear me?] Of course if you are enough brave - Italeri or even Matchbox kits are more hardcore /or vintage/ way to build "Rächer"

December 2015 bring us another one box, with some new parts and decals.
der Fernaufklärer  "Friedrich" version with BMW 801 engines and fabulous box art image.
 Let's start!

 Box again, sorry for that but but... is splendid.. So - this time with better res:
 Manual with usual blurb /Sorry, wikipedia - not this time inboxinmaddnes.com/
 How many plastic is in this bag?
 Ups, sorry - we cut from the sprues jumo213 engines, but you get two big external fuel tanks!
 Camo. How I met your mottling:
 Big... ekhem - the decal sheet.
 BWM801 engines. Sprue x 2
 External racks:
 Tanks. /P.S. @right/

Engine mounts:
 Small parts, like whell bays, or MG81Z /aka double the trouble/
 The main sprue - details of the nose
 Still Ju188, with parts for 188 or if you want - 88G1 or G6.
 Och, hello! Even some nice parts from old A4 boxin too:)
 Clear parts:

 That's all. Enjoy, stay care and don't forget to add my blog to ur fav^z.
Photos courtesy of MarCo/Kitir. Thx!

.:MarabuDesign:. P40M "Warhawk" | Pacific Warrior | decals #incoming

Marabudesign will enter the decals market, which is a very good news.
First in the line of 72 decals with nr 7201 will be set for P40M "Warhawks" titled |Pacific Warrior|
God job Marabu!

.:MASTER:. AM-72-101 TS-11 "Iskra" set

The new set MASTER AM-72-101 for polish "Cold War" era primary trainer - TS-11 "Iskra"

In the new MASTER AM-72-101 TS-11 "Iskra" set You'll find not only Pitot tubes, but u/c indicators and gun barrel as well. /via Master FB page/