.:Eduard:. WGr.21 for Focke - Wulf 190 #inbox

WGr.21 for FW 190 1/72 [672 099] #Eduard
Resin/PE add-on for excellent Eduard 1/72 kit
Focke - Wulf Fw190 A5 / A8 / A8/R2

So large box for the tiny parts, best brassin around? Let's see:

  •  First page!

 Instruction manual :) Nice to see empty or full armed options with/without caps:

 Beware the proper geometry:

PE parts,

And resin.
Mortar* tubes, two rockets and tiny warheads

 I'm trying to do best with my camera...

  • and full 1:1:

src: wikipedia W.Gr. 210
You can even find pdf copy of manual of W.Gr.210
Fw 190/Fw 190 Sonderwaffenanlage Teil 8C.pdf

.:Brengun:. Yakowlev Yak-1 /Jakowlew Jak -1 boxart #incoming

First seen @ Nürnberg Toy Fair 2016 Yakovlev Yak - 1 from Brengun got his box art.
So, release is close from now:

Did you remember these pics from toy fair? /via IPMS De/

.:SBS:.Farman F.190 #incoming

:SBS: in on his way to produce 1/72 scale model of Farman F.190.

Some info about this unusual subject: The Farman F.190 was a utility aircraft built in France in the 1920s and 1930s. It was a high-wing, strut-braced monoplane of conventional configuration with a fully enclosed cabin and fixed, tailskid undercarriage. Popular both as a private aircraft and in the air taxi role, some 30 examples were also operated by airlines in France and elsewhere in Europe. Fifteen of these joined Air France's fleet in 1933 from the fleets of the smaller airlines it had absorbed.


and markings proposed by SBS: